Saturday, June 02, 2012

saturday randoms

the collection of random photos that don't quite fit into a post on their own, but make a nice mixture for your saturday morning reading pleasure...

davis is a fan of this sprinkler. though he's since taken all the little foam ends off of the wavy parts so most of the "arms" don't wave anymore--they just spray straight out. 

he's also rediscovered this little dog toy and has really gotten into pulling it around the house.
he also gets incredibly frustrated and whiny if it falls over in the process. which is funny for about the first 4-5 times, then gets annoying because there's not much you can do to help him. (this is why we duct-taped his 18 wheeler truck together when he couldn't stand the cab and the truck bed coming apart.)
my mother's day instagram post. it was just fitting. (the card started out saying "I <3 MOM" when we left church, but the ride home produced this.)
after davis's 18 month appointment a couple of weeks ago, we both got frozen yogurt as a treat. you can see the tongue depressor on the table that was our parting gift from the doctor.

oh, the saga of our bluebirds.

we bought a bird house. we didn't put it up. a bluebird family moved in anyway. the eggs hatched. i became attached to the birds.

the house fell down one day. the birds were okay. i tied the house to the post with twine.

the neighborhood cat found our house. he became a regular visitor. i put up cardboard to keep him from being able to get right next to the birdhouse.
(our neighbors probably think we're odd.)

we're not sure what happened to two of the chicks (hopefully they're okay.) the last one was in our yard one night and his parents were trying to teach him to fly. it started raining and the poor guy still wasn't moving from his spot. i picked him up (with a towel) and put him back in the house. we think he tried again the next evening and now i believe i've seen three bluebirds flying around our yard. 

the end.

the nasty cold that we all got stuck around for a while. davis learned you should not put your snotty nose in the sandbox.
it was gross.
but we still took pictures for your enjoyment :)
this tub picture is one of my favorites of all time. you can just see the joy of bathtime!
he's still loving this car--one of his favorite things to do in the evening is to be pushed up and down our street for a quick walk.
he also loved this new car ride at sonic near the playground. seriously, that smile.
sprinkler puddle aftermath.
just like daddy. if only that thing worked and he could actually help with the lawn!

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