Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a wild west adventure

 a couple of weeks ago, i was texting my friend lynn and said, "we should hang out this weekend with our boys." and she agreed and we ended up planning a little trip on a saturday afternoon to deadwood, a mini-theme park about 45 minutes away. it has minature golf, a train ride, a huge playground and other smaller rides in a western theme. it also has one of the best restaurants in the area, so we decided to go late afternoon to play and eat dinner.

we packed up the lynn and david's car, that has 3rd row seating. however...when you put two car seats in there, it makes the 3rd row seating almost impossible to get to. our husbands threatened to record us trying to climb in and out of that back seat, but thankfully they did not. needless to say, it was not graceful, but it was fun :)
once we got there, we had fun exploring the park and checking everything out. it was my family's first trip to deadwood, but lynn, davis and josh are regulars :) lynn even worked there for a little while when they were living in williamston.

we went on the train ride right away, and i was excited to see davis's expression! he is all about trains right now and he was thrilled to get to ride one :)
his little eyes taking it all in...
the train driving away...
and a few minute later, pulling back in 
he was a happy boy!

next, we fed the fish in a ridiculously blue-tinted pond. no water is that color, but surprisingly, the fish seem to be fine in there...
and then we got the boys ready to ride the carousel...which is pretty small and a good way to introduce davis to rides, i guess.
josh had a blast! 
davis was a little more uncertain. we think he was slipping a little bit, and i ended up jumping on and holding him on the horse so he didn't slide. 
the rest of the time was spent playing on the awesome playground they have there. it was a big hit with all of the kids.
even some of the "adult-sized" kids :)
after working up an appetite...
and trying to make a run for it
we went on in to the restaurant, which was very busy. it has a kind-of hunting lodge feel to it, and they specialize in steaks and "smoke house" food. it was delicious!
can't wait to go back again--we had a great time and loved spending time with our friends!