Monday, June 18, 2012

sun gear

i'm getting caught up this week on some adventures we've taken over the past few weekends. but before i get into all that, i wanted to do a quick review about a couple of items we ordered recently and have enjoyed. 

if you know me, you know i don't take sun burn or skin care lightly. every summer, particularly at the beach, it's an issue of "me against the sun." i try to keep hats on, high sunscreen, and in the last few years, swim shirts from the local surf stores or lands end. it makes it so much easier to get ready to go on the beach, because i don't have to worry about getting sunscreen on my shoulders, back or chest. 

this year, i checked out the company that patrice had linked to, uv skinz, just to see what they offered. i liked the different styles for the swim shirts, where over at lands end, they have very basic designs. not that there's anything wrong with that! i love my lands end swim shirt--but i really was digging the look of this wrap shirt.

AND it was on sale! so it came last week and i got to try it out this past sunday when we went to the beach.
 the fabric is light and the wrap design is flattering but not skin tight, which is really nice. i do like that i can show a little bit of my swim suit, and it's really easy to get on and off, even wet. i'm also a pretty modest person, so i like that it has nice coverage and camouflages the post-baby belly. it will be great for the rest of this summer! my hat is from target--really liked this one compared to some of the other straw hats i've gotten from there. it stays on my head even in strong winds and is comfortable (and packs easily--no worries scrunching it up.) it is very floppy though and with the wind blowing, would sometimes get in my eyes. oh well!

i was looking for davis, too, and found these wide brimmed hats that had a lot more coverage than the bucket hats i was finding at other stores. the plus on this one, too--it has a drawstring, which means we can adjust it to fit his head. (most toddler hat straps don't fit his big head, so he can easily pull it off.)

we tested it out on sunday, too, and i thought it worked so well! (and was super cute on my beach baby!)
sun exposure and skin cancer is no joke, so please make sure you cover up this summer :)

(uv skins didn't send these to me and doesn't know who i am--just providing a helpful review for a good product)

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