Monday, June 11, 2012

for the locals

before i jump back into another post about our west virginia trip (we have about three or four more posts to go--it's the only way i can get everything in!) i wanted to share something for those of you located in the greenville/winterville area.

one of our friends from church, jennifer, has started up a new business that we have LOVED and have taken advantage of over the past few weeks. it's called "what's for dinner?" and every monday, she posts three meals that she will be making for the following week. you can comment or message her which meals you would like by thursday, and on the following sunday (or another time determined by you and jennifer) she will deliver the meals to your home. each description on the facebook page includes the price and servings, and when the meal is delivered, it is prepared in a foil or plastic container that can be refrigerated up to a week with directions for heating and an ingredients list. you can also put it in the freezer and stock up for the future!

just an idea of the meals that she's offered over the past few weeks that we had the pleasure of trying...

some awesome chicken enchiladas with rice
 a chicken tamale pie that had a great cornbread dressing type base
 and baked cheesy chicken pasta--davis even enjoyed this one!
we have a broccoli, chicken and cheese casserole and cheesy chicken spaghetti waiting for us for this week--i'm excited to compare the chicken spaghetti to pioneer woman's chicken spaghetti (jennifer says she likes the recipe she used for this one better!)

the prices are very reasonable, particularly when you consider ingredients, packaging and delivery, and i usually add a green vegetable or salad to the dish while it's warming up. with our small family, we usually have enough leftovers to take for lunch or eat off of another night that week (we do leftover thursday at our house, where we try to clean out the refrigerator before the weekend and i don't cook :) ) i feel like it has cut back on some of our grocery costs and certainly  has made it easier for me to spend more time with davis once i get home in the evening without having to use so much time preparing dinners those nights.

i still cook one or two nights a week, and i've found that it takes pressure off of me rotating our typical recipes. i also love that jennifer's meals include the little extras that i may not go to the effort of doing, like adding fresh parsley or cilantro to the recipes.

she didn't ask me to do this, but i told her i would because i think it's an awesome service and i want her to be able to continue doing it! so check it out if you're in our area and spend a little less time in the kitchen--and a little more time with your family. it makes everyone happy!

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