Wednesday, June 13, 2012

water fun

while we were in west virginia, it was pretty warm and we had lots of opportunities for davis to cool off with some water activities. in my opinion, there is nothing cuter than a little boy in a rash guard and board shorts :)
justin's dad and stepmom had purchased an inflatable water slide a few years ago. it was brought back out for davis's inspection....
and he gave it a shot! going down first with me (no pictures, sorry) and then again with justin, just to make sure. 

yes, he kept tight hold onto his tupperware.
in the end, the water from the hose was too cold for him and he just wasn't enjoying the slide. so we set him up on the deck with a bucket of water and endless containers to use for moving the water back and forth.
justin decided to enjoy the slide himself... you'd think he would've learned from the last time!
luckily he was able to stop himself before going over the edge again
so we went out shopping and decided to get davis a baby pool instead, letting the water warm up during his naptime the next day.
he was okay with it, but still not a big fan. so we let him back at his bucket of water...
and watching cousin river slide down instead.
much better for him!

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