Wednesday, October 07, 2009

all things fall

i don't think i can explain how much i love fall. it's a combination of happy memories: friday night football games, marching band competitions that lasted late into the cool, crisp evenings, awesome long weekends at camp cheerio with my seventh graders, and just the sweet relief of fall after a sweltering summer.

i even love the fall foods. pumpkin pie coffee creamer. apple cider. and the girls at work have gone crazy this week talking about our deepest, strongest desires to have some of these...

pumpkin spice krispy kreme. oh yeah. i had one tonight and it has fulfilled my need for cinnamony-nutmeg goodness for just a little while. at least until i attempt to make this....
apple cake in an iron skillet from pioneer woman (her photo as well)i have all intentions of attempting it this weekend when I HAVE NOTHING SCHEDULED. NOTHING. (except for that fall housecleaning/clothes swapping that needs to get done--but still, there's nothing scheduled. and i'm so excited!)

and finally, i realized i hadn't written about my second photoshoot last week. granted, there's not much i can share. you'll have to wait until january 16th to see some of the amazing photos that i took of connie. she was absolutely beautiful and we're going to have a tough time choosing the one for her big portrait.

let me also say that she brought three friends with her (thanks, melissa, heidi and jamie!) and i'm now thinking that that's what i need for every bridal shoot. you just need a big crew to rearranage the dress, carry props, adjust everything, create make-shift shade when needed, etc. i told melissa i would hire her alone just for her height and quick thinking! they were amazing and i have no clue how connie and i would have done it alone.

(this is the barn that i'm already planning on using for a future shoot. LOVE IT.)

what are your favorite things about fall?