Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i'd like to thank the academy...

okay, so i've been a bad "blog award acceptor." honestly, i like the idea of blog award but kinda feel like they're those meme things on facebook where you get tagged by someone and then don't know who else to tag. hence, the conundrum i'm in. but i would love to thank the two lovely ladies that nominated me..

rebecca at feel my love recognized me as a loyal blog reader--i do enjoy checking in to see how things are going up in west virginia and i really love her "can of worm" posts where she takes on some great political/cultural issues.

and courtney at one fine wire nominated me for a kreativ blogger award. courtney is a dear friend from ecu marching pirates and has done a great job of starting her own blog design business.

so thank you, ladies, for these awards. and rather than specifying people to receive the award, i'll just link to some of my favorite blogs, both friends IRL and not :)

my real-life friends--i'm quite blessed to have a nice blogging community of people that i know! several "regularly posting" bloggers that i always enjoy reading are:
amanda, patrice and the two lindsey's--both jones and woolard.
(doesn't mean that i don't enjoy reading other people when they post--these are just my "few times a week" bloggers that i keep up with.)

and then a few of my blogs that i enjoy reading just for fun:
kelly's korner, steece's pieces (great mom of quads), lots of scotts (mom of triplets), ministry so fabulous, the mamas boo and big, and mcmommy chronicles.

and i could go on and on about photo blogs--that's where i get a lot of ideas. so here are my favorites...
jessica kettle photography
simplicity photography
millie holloman (out of wilmington--love them!)
peekaboo photos
blue lily--gorgeous stuff!
rebekah westover--her bridals are amazing
savor photography, by american mum--she also has done some great tutorials.

*post-edit: forgot about lauren clark--she's amazing, too! if i was a full-time photog, i would totally go to her "for the love" conference that includes presentations and sponsorships from a couple of my backyard neighbors, julie mixon and ginny corbett*

so that's my half-hearted attempt at sending you off into the blogosphere to check out some other really cool blogs. which is, of course, the ultimate goal of giving out bloggy awards.

is that the orchestra playing already? man, always cutting the acceptance speech off...