Thursday, October 15, 2009

a first candle

october 15h has been set aside as a day of remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss. across the country, people are encouraged to light a candle at 7 pm to remember the children lost in pregnancy or infancy and their families.

tonight, candles were lit for ayden in a small high-school auditorium, where his story continues to be told and to reach others in the community.

but even though i love candlelight events--relay for life, breast cancer awareness vigils (even christmas eve services)--i loved the idea behind this event even more.

"because every baby deserves a first birthday."
we lit candles tonight for children who were not able to celebrate their first birthday. and tonight they got that first candle.

lindsey did a great job of speaking tonight, and i was so impressed by her students that organized the event as well.
they also had the information that was available for their blue ribbon day several weeks ago...
then after presentations from the healthy start program and a video about remembrance day, we headed outside for the candle lighting...
and sang "this little light of mine." a theme used at their high school this year is "let your light shine," and the song was just perfect for the evening.
"let it shine, let it shine, let it shine..."
the shirts read: a life so brief, a child so small, you had the power to touch us all
the school had been selling butterflies for students to decorate to raise funds for the "first candle" foundation. they took us inside to see the butterfly bulletin board after the vigil, and they set a goal to raise $500.
so great to see students working together to support such an awesome cause.

light a candle tonight. for ayden. for the babies in your life that left too early. for the families that are learning to live with their grief and only want to make sure that their children will not be forgotten.

we will not forget.