Thursday, October 29, 2009

picnik halloween effects

i got an e-mail a while back about picnik's halloween effects they were promoting. if you've followed me for a while, you know i'm a fan of picnik--especially their collages, stickers and other cool photo editing effects. i had to test these out, so i found a decent headshot i took last spring to show off a new haircut (and it was a cute one, if i do say so myself...)

okay, so a lot of picnik's effects are cutesy. i was digging this mask, and added a few stickers around the edge to "halloween it up." you can change the size, position and color of any of their stickers--so easy!

next, i went with vampire. i have read (and loved) the whole twilight series, so this made me think of the books and movies. you can lighten the skin, change eye colors, and add some fangs! and this lightening is awesome :)

the last one is the ghoul features...scary stuff. i think my freckles made this more speckled, and i added some wounds, changed my eye color and added some ghosts and spider.

picnik continues to amaze me with their photo effects. if you're interested in fixing up some photos, it's worth checking out their touch-up kit that includes teeth-whitening, blemish fix, shine-be-gone, wrinkle remover, mascara and lip-color and my favorite--insta-thin.