Friday, October 23, 2009

i need a jillian

since our recent move from the old office location (and my consistent lack of attendance) my gym membership has lapsed.

the 30 day shred did not last 30 days. i made it maybe...3?

and it is now my favorite time of year for exercise. i'm a "hot-natured" person. 85 degrees with humidity? no. i'll go for walks at 9:30 at night just to avoid the heat. 45 degrees with a brisk chill? oh yes. thrown in a nice mix of fast-tempo songs and you might even get a jog out of me.

i NEED to take better care of myself. and i have the flexibility to fit in exercise, but no motivation or interest.

so i've decided i need a jillian (of "biggest loser" and "30 day shred" fame.) someone to kick me into high gear, hold me accountable and give me enough guilt that i work harder the next time. i am a first-born, type A people-pleaser. guilt is my greatest motivator.

anyone want to be an exercise accountability partner? i don't even need someone to do it with me. i just need someone to ask me, "did you do your 30 minutes today?" and help me stick to my schedule that i make up.

by the way, ripped abs and toned biceps are totally not a requirement :) in fact, that side of jillian kinda scares me...