Wednesday, October 14, 2009

worship music wednesday

i've come up with a new idea for a "themed" day. there are so many amazing worship songs out there that i feel like the general church-going person misses. i love music and i love worshiping through music. it is where i feel most at peace, most encouraged, most moved.

and last night, as we sang this song at our youth group, i felt the need to share it. so what better way than coming up with a great alliterative title that will give me a weekly post to share :)

AND if you have any suggestions of other songs to share, feel free to comment and let me know. what awesome worship songs are out there that the world should hear?

if you are in my local area, please come out tomorrow evening to ayden-grifton high school at 7 pm for a candlelight vigil where lindsey will be speaking. they ran a story in our local paper as well this morning. it's so cool to see how ayden continues to touch and change lives and the opportunities that lindsey and jeremy have gotten to share his story. i'll be there taking pictures--i LOVE candlelight pictures. but i love it even more when it's for such a great cause and wonderful family...