Saturday, October 24, 2009

marathon day of photos

i started out with a delicious cup of (decaf) pumpkin spice coffee and blueberry scone from fresh market.

then off to meet my wonderful friend lisa and her family for photos. i can't even begin to describe how many great photos we got. let's just say it's taking all of my willpower not to stay up and edit non-stop tonight!

then back into town to do some awesome urban photos with 2010 senior, keely.

(i told keely that i forgot how much fun and how easy it was with seniors. only one person. who wants to have their picture taken. kazillion times easier than most of my sessions.)

and then over to the greenway to work with kellar, suzanne and their family...

many people have asked why i'm scheduling like this--so many shoots on one day. well, it allows me the flexibility to keep other weekends completely open so we can travel, visit family and (for me) help out with youth events. my next saturday like this one is november 14th--and i do still have one opening for that day, but i think it will fill up once i talk to a few of my "maybe" customers out there. i'm trying to do a few sessions in the weekday evenings before daylight savings comes around, but i am looking forward to things slowing down come wintertime.