Thursday, October 01, 2009


okay, so my big "photoshop" lesson this week has been learning how to do textures. i've messed around with it when i've had the time and finally gotten a decent grasp on it. i still have some reading up to do, but i love trying them out and seeing the cool effects i can get on my photos.

jessica is a senior that i've been working with on her senior project, and she and rachel have been great friends for years. we traveled to the little town of fountain for these pictures, and i am digging them. i'm a little weak in my "best friends" poses though--but we had lots of laughs as we brought a little life to the town of fountain.

and then just to cap things off, i had to share a secret spot for barbeque. i don't know, it seemed fitting, what with all the small town atmosphere we had in the photos.
several of the girls at work and i headed over to b's for lunch one day this week. it is unlike an experience you've ever had. the best wood-smoked barbeque from this little run-down store front on the side of the road. we got our plates to go and ate at the picnic tables outside.
and oh yes, it's as good as it looks.