Saturday, March 21, 2009

baby shower for ayden

so i had the pleasure of attending a baby shower this afternoon for lindsey and jeremy, two of our friends from church and small group. i've actually known them both since college, as jeremy was part of the scholarship group and lindsey was often at our dorm, visiting :)
her sister megan (and their mom) did a great job with decorations! they were adorable, with everything in blue and green and ayden's name all over the place.

lindsey and jeremy had a ton of presents to unwrap and are definitely stocked up for ayden's arrival now.
i have to give major kudos to jeremy for being such a good sport with all of the baby items--he did a great job checking out everything and helping lindsey open the gifts.
one of my favorite parts? they had a table set up with stencils, fabric paint and plain white onesies. everyone got a chance to paint their own for ayden to wear. i totally got into this (along with my buds lynn and emelie) and we had a whole collection for ayden by the end of the shower.
jake was also there and didn't quite seem to grasp the idea behind the shower. he found several things he was ready to take home.
all in all, a lovely afternoon. i went from there to a photo shoot for a family session. it will be a miracle if i don't end up with poison ivy, but it was worth it for the shots. i'm pretty happy with them and look forward to doing some more portrait work soon as the weather warms up :)

and finally, a funny occurrence that i discovered while picking up around the house tonight. our house is in dire need of a cleaning, and we started by going through papers and the stacks of stuff that have accumulated over the past few weeks. this included the cards from my birthday and valentine's day (that i like to keep for sentimental reasons--i imagine myself as an old lady, going through a box of greeting cards from when i was in my 20's and reminiscing.)

so i was also cleaning up around the bookshelf in our bedroom, where numerous cards, programs and invitations have stacked up--i found thank you notes from both of the weddings i was in last year, programs from all of the weddings i attended, and more cards from the holidays and birthdays.

this included my birthday card from justin from last year. and even though i had a sneaking suspicion this had occurred, it was now confirmed.
he bought me the same card both years! i opened the card this year and thought it looked familiar, but didn't want to say anything since i wasn't sure (and since, as justin pointed out, it's the thought that counts.) i completely agree, but i just find it amusing that he picked the same card out two years in a row. it is a good card :) justin claims it's the old age kicking in.

alright, time to head towards bed. another full day tomorrow with church, cleaning, typical sunday chores, probably some more work on marley's shelf AND our first girls' ministry class tomorrow night. woo! but fun times. enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Thanks again for taking pictures at the shower! They all look great! :) Ayden is blessed to have such a wonderful extended family. I feel special to have made it onto your blog! :P Have a great week! We missed you guys last night, but I hope the first "Girl-Talk" meeting went well.