Sunday, March 15, 2009

lazy saturday night

this was the view around our house last night. we ordered a pizza, watched movies and ate popcorn.
pepper was kinda worn out, too.
i turned my focus to baby marley's stuff last night--here's the bedding i was given to match. very detailed, but i'm taking the patchwork theme and running with it.
i finished her letters this afternoon--you have to see the "E" in person--it's totally the yellow gingham print that is the main fabric used in the bedding, and it took a loooong time to do. there weren't any actual swirls on the bedding that i used on the M, but i just like swirls.
here's where i stand on the the shelf. i hit a creative block this afternoon and had to do boring stuff, like laundry and grocery shopping. i'll be cleaning up the edges and adding details to each "patchwork" piece through out the week.
so could this be a side business, too? could i combine photography and painting and create my own studio? i would definitely need studio space, though. the kitchen table is not cutting it, especially when it's the dog's space in the house. at any rate, i am having fun with it and enjoying a creative outlet. glad to hear that other people are liking it, too!

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