Thursday, March 12, 2009

seriously the coolest thing i've seen...

in quite some time.

so if you've known me for a while, you might know that i love dolphins. my whole room was decorated with them growing up, and one of my happiest moments to date is still swimming with them at discovery cove in orlando.
look at that smile. i was in heaven. every visit to sea world, i've spent many an hour at the dolphin cove exhibit, just watching them interact with each other. if i could have found a way to be a dolphin trainer without years and years of science classes, i would have considered it. i'm more realistically considering being the person behind the camera of all those discovery cove pictures now. they have to get some perks, right?

and i always knew they were smart--i mean, above ordinary smart. i did a whole research paper in the 10th grade about how they use echolocation and their ability to learn vocabulary and how they communicate with one another, as well as humans.

but this--well, this is just awesome.

you have to check out the website here and the abc news video here
but the pictures show it well.
they are actually creating bubble rings from their blowholes and then playing with them like hoops in the water!

so incredibly intelligent!
by the way, found this at musings of a housewife. one of the fun blogs i frequent.

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