Wednesday, March 25, 2009

playing with fire and other fun times

let me preface this by saying, i'm kicking myself for not having cooler pictures of this event. but alas, it doesn't always work out.

we've been doing a "man vs. wild" series at TNT for the past month or so, spending a week focusing on each of the four elements. we started with water, then earth, wind and this past week, fire. i was somewhat surprised to see a fire truck pull in ahead of me as i turned into church on tuesday night, but everything clicked once i saw the guys outside with the making of a huge bonfire.

and it was a HUGE bonfire, with flames reaching 6 ft in the air at first. the wind would blow and kick it up, and there were wide spirals of flames coming off of the base. but just not by the time i got my camera AND my memory card there. *memory cards are important for taking pictures. they don't do much good sitting at home in card readers.*
but many thanks to my husband who came to bring me my camera, a jacket and, later on, my memory card so i could take a few photos of our group as chris wrapped up the devotional.

cause who doesn't love a good fire?

i had the pleasure today of attending the social work month luncheon and seeing many of my past professors, as well as my fabulous colleagues in the social work field.yes, it's national social work month! thank a social worker today :)

it was awesome to see my lovely intern from last year, elizabeth, and catch up with her. and my girl kelli was there, too, from MSW cohort days. and as i continue to stay in the area and meet more people in my profession and from my own internships, it's really cool to see them all in one place and to realize i get to call myself a colleague of these talented, skilled and wonderful therapists. sometimes i have to remind myself that i'm not a student anymore and i'm just a few months away from having those four letters after my name.

i hurried out to see a client and on the way back in town, i stopped in one of the little outskirt towns and met my friend amanda from church, who was in need of some "headshot" type photos. we used an old exposed brick wall, along with some cool iron gates that were on a store front--and voila! some of my favorite portrait photos that i've taken in a long time. and all under 30 minutes, in drizzle and overcast skies. i've had fun working with them in photoshop and trying out a few actions on them.
and let me say that she "claimed" that she had never taken a good picture and perhaps wasn't photogenic? i beg to differ.
you were awesome, amanda! thanks for the opportunity, and we DEFINITELY need to set up a time for the girls :)

only a couple more days to this work week--and tomorrow will be spent at an all-day meeting in rocky mount. we'll be headed to fayetteville on friday for a visit with my family and will hopefully be able to do fourth friday downtown and make some trips to my other favorite spots, like the big dollar tree or the used book store. exciting, i know, but i love 'em.

anyone else have plans for the weekend?

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  1. Lauren--YOU are the awesome one! WOW! I've already had 3 people ask about you taking their pics.

    YES--we're so setting up a time for the girls!!! :)

    Thanks again--