Tuesday, March 03, 2009

fun with picnik and lifting jonah up

okay, so obviously photoshop has its place. but man, picnik is cool for the "fun stuff."

like the embellishments and fonts i used on this fabulous picture of our youth group, praying for jonah!
i'll be adding it to the facebook group gallery in a matter of moments.

i also had several teens stick around so i could try to get this photo of jonah's name, spelled out in "skin." i just thought it would be a cool idea, and i'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

and after i shared jonah's story and invited all of our teens to join the facebook group, i was so encouraged to see this pop up in one of our prayer request sheets.

on a side "not jonah related" note, i was never so glad to go to TNT tonight. i had a rough day...probably one of the worst ones thus far in this particular line of work. it was just exhausting and i was tired and sore and spit-covered (yes, from a client) and i needed to be uplifted. i was surprised to see this very realistic "man vs. wild" set on the stage, and was treated to an awesome acoustic version of our worship time, complete with campfire and djimbe drums.
i'll be headed to raleigh with these guys on friday for the big annual high school conference, CCYC. this opportunity fell in my lap right when i needed it, and i'm so excited about spending more time with our teens and the other awesome volunteers.

such a positive update from matt and patrice this afternoon! let us continue praying and watching God work miracles with this little boy.

that's all for now.

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