Wednesday, March 11, 2009

cuteness of jake and a new sister in Christ

i will admit, i love me some jake. this cutie pie is with us at TNT every week and it is so awesome to see his personality developing and how he interacts with all of the kids up there.

emelie, we'll need to talk about some spring portraits or something. the camera loves him!
after the weekly worship and devotional, we also had a baptism for keely, one of our girls at youth group. she made her decision at CCYC this past weekend, and her dad and emelie were there for her last night--as well as nearly two dozen other family members and friends! it was great to have everyone there to celebrate with her.

chris speaking and explaining for the younger kids.
emelie, keely and her dad, gil.
coming back up! (notice lynn in the background, documenting from her side :) )

keely and her mom. so sweet!
keely and emelie--emelie has been mentoring her and a few other girls for several months now. 'and we tried out a new groomer today. pepper was in and out in less than an hour, and they were a good 30% cheaper than what i typically pay. plus, they include this super-cute seasonal bandana instead of trying to put a tiny little bow in her hair that stays in for two seconds after i pick her up.
my little irish puppy! which reminds me, i need to get out my st. paddy's day shirts. have to play up the red hair and all :) i was tempted to go to the st. patrick's day festival at emerald isle this weekend (before i ended up traveling 3 weekends in a row and the weather turned cold!)

anyone else have plans for st. patrick's day?

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  1. pepper is cute--I don't know if you've tried Amanda's (not me) Dog Grooming--she is good too! :)