Monday, March 02, 2009

walking in a winter wonderland...

as much as i wanted a 2 hour delay this morning so i didn't have to get out of my warm, comfy bed at 6 am to assist a client with getting to school--

we didn't get it. nary a flake.

but throughout the day, we'd see a few flakes here or there.

and then, as a co-worker and i were leaving a meeting in little washington this evening, the huge, fat flakes started falling.

and my west virginia-born husband decided we should take the dog for a walk in it. mind you, this dog probably could use a walk because it's just been too cold for us to take her out for extended periods of time, and she's been terrorizing the cats with her pent-up energy.

so we got out her "snow coat" and pink cable-knit sweater (gotta keep her warm--and cute!) and headed out.
a few pictures documenting the snow flakes.
this was nothing compared to the western part of the state, where they got almost a foot of snow. but in eastern NC, this is a big deal. i bet there will be miniature snowmen in neighborhood yards tomorrow morning.
"when it snows, ain't it thrilling though your nose gets a chilling..."
"we'll frolic and play the eskimo way, walking in a winter wonderland."

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