Friday, March 20, 2009

happy spring!

i've loved the tease of warm weather this past week. honestly, spring can't come fast enough. longer days, picnics in the park and walking barefoot on the grass--i miss it so much. it's just a reminder of new life everywhere, with bulbs coming up that i planted last year, trees budding and gorgeous colors filling up the landscapes as i drive. it's even nice to see our neighbors again! we've all been hibernating, and now we linger on the sidewalks and front porches, finally getting to see each other again.

another animal bit the dust--this one was pepper's "ho! ho! ho!" dog left over from the holidays.

so after cleaning up another round of cotton batting from our carpet, i was pleased to find a toy boasting THIS in walgreen's today.
now granted, it looks like a skinned rabbit and has no shape to it whatsoever (except for a squeaker in the head and the tail) but she loves it.and i will not be cleaning up stuffing. that's worth it to me.

tonight we will relax before my marathon of client family session, baby shower and photo shoot tomorrow. i'm excited about most of that, but it's just going to be back to back scheduling until about dinnertime. which i guess i should be used to, but i'm just preparing myself for a long day.

grandma's doing well and is recovering from her surgery in the hospital though the weekend. we'll be going to fayetteville next weekend to visit and enjoy a fourth friday downtown. thanks for everyone asking about her :)

and that's it for now. enjoy the weekend!

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