Sunday, March 01, 2009

when one or more are gathered in my name....

i feel like jonah's name has been lifted up across the country today. in churches, homes and hospitals around the nation, we have thousands following his story and praying for this little boy.

i am amazed at the blogging community and then the Christian community--and the awesome way that the two have intersected and propelled jonah's name to prayer lists and bedtime prayers and worship services in a matter of hours.

we had our own prayer group for jonah tonight (thanks, katie and nathan!), as we divided up into small groups and prayed specifically for the requests put on the website by patrice. the fellowship and time spent in conversation with God was encouraging.
if you can document your prayer group--whether it be a small group at church, a group of co-workers, a family or group of friends--let us know! picnik is a great (free!) way to edit photos and let everyone know that you're praying for jonah :)

we have also been incredibly encouraged by the EB community and the moms who have stepped up with tips, recommendations and support for jonah, matt and patrice. with these suggestions, patrice has been able to ask more specific questions and use the experiences of these families to make sure jonah is receiving the best and most appropriate care. it is such a reassurance to know that they are not alone on this journey and others have traveled this road before.

it's hard to believe that tomorrow is my return to the "real world." the past three days have been spent in a state of constant alertness and multi-taskness--checking blogs, reading e-mails, uploading pictures, browsing comments, researching on websites. i should be able to check in pretty regularly, but it will be quite different than this weekend.

thank you for your support, your encouragement and the love that is pouring out for this family. keep praying! (and pick up his nifty button for your own blog)

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