Wednesday, August 12, 2009

blog makeover!

just fyi if you want to try some of these changes yourself--

(and don't say "oh lauren, i couldn't do that." seriously, the tutorials are idiot-proof. they even tell you where you might make a mistake, just so you won't make them.)

the background and post dividers are from shabby blog--make sure you explore their site so you see the tutorials and web page elements they offer. and everything is FREE!

the font--oh, the font, the glorious font. it's from kevin and amanda's blog. their tutorials are fantastic and very thorough. if you can put together a bookshelf with instructions or follow a recipe, you can do this.

and they have a tutorial about how to add a signature to every post automatically. also super-easy (though i have photoshop and that made it easier--i think.)

and finally, the header is a picnik creation (their four-across collage with stickers added) and i went back and used photoshop to add the same font, though picnik's fonts work fine, too. picnik can also size the photo to fit the header (700 pixels, though i think 695 might work better. we had to tweak the border in order to make it fit. thank goodness for html literate husbands!) i think their "fancy collages" might work well, too, and shabby blogs have several header options for you to choose from (though they didn't fit my style.)

have fun!


  1. I ran across kevinandamanda while I was working on trying to figure out the font thing and I told Nathan - I bet this is where she figured it out! Too bad I'm too tired to worry about the font thing until tomorrow.

    Of course, I am serial commenting tonight. But you'll forgive me, right? :P

  2. That's wild...just came from Kevin and Amanda trying to figure out the signature thing...Good tips..thanks!