Sunday, August 09, 2009

the rest of the weekend :)

so after such a great evening on friday, we got up saturday and took it easy. breakfast at the condo, a couple of hours on the beach, and then time to get cleaned up and head out for lunch. after checking out recommendations online, we ended up at the duffy street seafood shack. my grandma couldn't get over the "ambiance" of this self-proclaimed shack :)

the crabcake sandwiches and shrimp po'boys were delicious, though. we loved the messages painted on the bathroom doors. wonder how many times they had to clean the bathrooms before they started painting those on...

afterwards, we headed down to barefoot landing. justin and i had to check out all of the "photo op" boards in front of the various stores:
my favorite was the "bad pirate" stock and chains. i did my best pirate face and hook for my alma mater. not that i've ever been called a bad pirate. in fact, i think i make a pretty good pirate. but all for the picture, right?

i do love walking around barefoot landing. it's a little more laidback than broadway at the beach and still has a lot of natural surroundings with the boardwalks and wildlife scattered around the ponds. we stopped in lots of the little shops and cafes to check things out---lots of stops with all six of us, but we had a good time.
(we contemplated buying a cute message tee for pepper at one of the shops. adorable, right?)

later that evening, after a dinner at the condo, justin and i ventured back out to find a restaurant we spotted earlier in the day... guess what caught his eye?
yes, steelers logo on the front. after checking out all of the steelers memorabilia, we headed down to the pavillion for some ice cream and people-watching. we briefly contemplated riding the ferris wheel, but it would be $4 each to ride and that's just ridiculous. so instead, we took in the free entertainment and watched the couples on the dance floor, shagging. tucked back in the pavillion arcade area was an open-air dance room. we stood in the back, and i loved watching the couples (most nearly twice our age) dancing and showing off their skills. the shag is such a fluid dance--lots of subtle turns and shuffling the feet, but when it's done right--it is so much fun to watch! (and i imagine even more fun to dance :) )

so the next morning, we made it out early to the golden griddle pancake house. the more time i spent in myrtle beach, the more i felt like we were up north. we had the steelers-themed restaurant the night before, and this morning--marshall paraphenalia all over the walls and buckwheat cakes on the menu. (that's what justin had--he said they were good, but not as good as back home. of course.)
and then we spent our last few hours on the beach, in the ocean, catching waves and soaking up some sun. i couldn't get over how crowded it was on the beach and how different it was from our beaches back at home. with huge high-rises every few yards, there were just so many people infront of the hotels and condos. a little after noon, we called it a day and went back in to shower, pack and clean up the condo.

we want to say thank you to john and mary for letting our family use the condo this week! it was a wonderful getaway and we had an awesome time. thanks, again :)

so now it's back to the real world, with work and a busy busy week coming up. miss pepper dog is exhausted after playing all weekend with saydee and sophee--she crashed around 9 and is tucked in already. thanks to amber and steve for welcoming one more dog into their home for the weekend.

i think i hear the bed calling me (and a bottle of aloe for justin)... g'night1

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