Friday, August 28, 2009

on a lighter note...

i want to thank everyone for their kind words about the last few posts--i'm simply happy to be able to share my pictures and thoughts with those who weren't able to attend the service or who don't know the jones family. images are powerful to me--they have always invoked emotions, brought up memories, captured those moments for others to see and experience. the images from yesterday--they're incredibly powerful and it hurt to take some of them. i had to compose myself a couple of times to keep from shaking the telephoto lens (i was a good 30-40 feet back from tent when i took the majority of those pictures as to not intrude.) but again, i appreciate the comments, the prayers for the jones family, the amazing support of our church family and our brothers and sisters in Christ who have reached out to this family.

so, on a lighter note, there has been other stuff going on that i thought i could share. it's a bit of a hodge-podge, but you're used to those posts by now, right?

i lost my keys twice last week. each time with about 15 minutes spent looking for them. i decided that i needed to bigger keychain, and found this one at kitty hawk kites when i was down at the beach last weekend.

it is quite large, quite "me" and i love the message. live simply. and don't lose your keys, cause now you have this big 'ol keychain attached to it.

on sunday evening, we had a banner painting party to promote a new activity our small-group is heading up. it will be called "sunday on the lawn" and we want people from the community to come hang out, play kickball or frisbee and be able to socialize without the pressure of a "church" activity. i got nominated to take care of the banner painting/design, and the girls stayed inside to paint while the guys ransacked the storage building and then stuck posts in the ground for the banners. we got done a little early and one of the girls decided to do some cleaning in the kitchen (note--i did not propose this idea. i was still painting. obviously.)
she pulled out one of the bottom drawers in the fridge and found this goopy, syrupy brown substance that smelled funny and stuck to everything. needless to say, it took us a while to clean that fridge. we also disposed of condiments and containers with dates ranging from 2 years past date to six years past date--yes, six years! and when all was said and done, we ironically read the sign on the front of the fridge that said, "please label personal items. refridgerator will be cleaned periodically and all past-date items will be thrown out."

monday was justin's birthday, and we had a great dinner at home and then went over to his mom's house for dessert. she had baked gingerbread, but got cupcakes as well, so he had candles to blow out all over the place!
and on tuesday, i had the great mud encounter of '09. the yard behind us for the house that is still being constructed had turned into a big mud puddle with rain from the weekend. on tuesday, as i walked pepper out back, she was exploring and i thought it had firmed up enough to walk on. FAIL.
my feet sunk down several inches and i completely lost my rainbows in the mud and had to fish them out. then i had to wash off all of the mud and clay that had caked on them and leave them outside to dry. not pretty, but they have survived.

and finally, robin has given me another great cut and color. a little darker than what i've had this summer, but i love it for the fall. and we added some bangs and some more layers. i've been really happy with it and have an easy time styling it in the morning.
and now begins a kinda crazy weekend as justin heads to the beach with his family from west virginia, i make a quick trip to fayetteville to celebrate my mom's birthday, and i get used to flying solo all next week. so if you've been wanting to get together--call me! we'll make plans :)

alright, i hear some pre-packing laundry calling me.


  1. I love the key chain too.

  2. Haircut and color looks great!

  3. Hope you have a great week, and I love the new haircut!

  4. Oh the muddy feet. Actually I think it might be fun to get some mud on my feet but not on the shoes. I love the haircut, it's really cute. God Bless.