Saturday, August 01, 2009

weekend update

so as mentioned in the previous random post, i was craving sushi for dinner last night.

and sushi we got. new found favorite was the spicy scallop roll, though we also tried the hawaiian roll (on the right) and got eel again (though it wasn't as we remembered it and was somewhat difficult to get down.) our "salad" was the vegetable roll, pictured left. justin's chopstick skills are much improved, and overall, it was a delicious meal.
this morning, we got up and headed out to rocky mount. i've been trying to get by the AAA office in fayetteville when we've been visiting my family, but they have short hours on saturday and we rarely get there in time. so we found the closest travel office to us and were able to meet with one of the agents there and discuss our ideas for our disney trip this fall. we'd been looking at both the budget and moderate resorts, and after running the numbers, i think we'll probably go with the moderate level, which means we'll be staying at the coronado springs resort.
oh yeah.

the appeal here is the disney dining plan that's included in the package, which should take care of the majority of our meals. we're going to get a 5 day park-hopper pass, which should give us plenty of time to see all of the parks (from wednesday to sunday morning) and also allow us the option of attending one of the dinner shows in the parks, too.

so we're mulling over the details for the week and will make the call towards the end of the week to finalize our reservations.

while we were in rocky mount, i wanted to stop by the imperial centre, one of the renovated tobacco warehouses that now houses an art museum, children's science museum and theater. my friend renee had tipped me off to this place a few weeks ago, and i had to see it for myself. i know where i'll recommend my next "urban" photo shoot!
the exposed brick, metal doors and textures, great lighting inside and out--wow! i loved it and can't wait to try it out for a photo shoot sometime soon. anyone want to venture to rocky mount for it?

another spot that i found recently and want to try in a photo shoot is this antique store outside of wilson.
lots of vintage signs and a fully renovated filling station. great retro feel :) any takers for this one?

and finally, another idea that i shared with some of my friends last night that they seemed to think was pretty cool. this is another one of my dollar tree finds--just your basic "weekly" pill container. however, i use the different days to separate out purse-sized amounts of ibuprofen, aspirin, multi-vitamins and allergy pills. that way, instead of having four different pill bottles to clutter up my purse, i just have one container taking up space.

my friends seemed to think that was pretty cool and even commented "how organized" it was. to which katie (my wonderful co-worker) laughed and said, "have you seen her desk?"

okay, so maybe my desk... and anywhere designated "my area" at home... aren't that organized. but i like to say, it's not dirty, just cluttered. and that's a big difference.

and to be honest, i've been like that for as long as i can remember, so i don't see it changing anytime soon. it's all about priorities, right? :)

okay, time to figure out what's for dinner.


  1. I stayed at the Coronado Springs resort a few years ago and was very pleased with its location, staff, amenities, and the room. Hope your stay will be just as good.

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  3. Ooh, we LOVE Disney. Have you been before/recently? Coronado Springs is so lovely...We're going back in September and had reservations for the All-Star Sports resort. They emailed us and gave us a free upgrade to a suite at Saratoga Springs...Very surprised! We take advantage of the free dining plan by going in the Fall - such a great deal and we all enjoy the character meals. Can't wait to see all the pics I'm sure you'll be posting!

  4. Lori, I went last in 2003 and have probably been about a half dozen times before that. It always seemed to be the trip of choice for band festivals, class trips, etc. Justin hasn't been since 1988, so this is big for him. We ran the prices of budget and moderate, and the moderate came out a slightly better deal for us with the meals. I'm usually "budget" all the way, especially with hotels where you spend so little time on a trip like this! So this is a "splurge" but actually better for us with the meal plan.

  5. I'm a HUGE Disney fan--we're "talking" about going next summer when Lily is a little older. We went at Christmas when I was pregnant with Lily--which was beautiful but insanity as well.

    I'm so excited for you! It's going to be sooooo fun! :)