Sunday, August 16, 2009

weekend at home

so this was one of the few weekends where we didn't have any plans to go out of town. and we enjoyed hanging out and about.

like eating dinner at finelli's friday night to celebrate my licensure (quite delicious) and spending all saturday morning cleaning the house.

it needed it. we have been traveling so much that our house was seriously neglected. so after a full-on cleaning of the kitchen, bathrooms, vacuuming, etc.--it was in better shape and we were able to have some fun!

like hanging out with my dear friend ashley who came into town for the day :) after grabbing some lunch, we headed back to campus to see how our alma mater was doing...

let me say that scott hall has seen better days... it was completely gutted and ready for a major renovation.
but we focused on central campus, with the mall and wright auditorium...
and the new fountain!

after so many years of having it broken or under construction, it was nice to see a brand new fountain on campus!

we made a few more stops downtown at catalog connection and UBE, but then made our way back to the house to hang out for a little while.

on our way up the steps--we spotted this lovely lady. (i wish so much we had an object of reference for size, but you just have to trust me that she was big and intimidating.)and you may say, "lady? how'd you know it was a lady, lauren?"

cause about a minute after we started trying to "get rid of her" (i.e. spray her madly with raid) teams of baby spiders started jumping off of her like the deck of the titanic. which also got sprayed. ashley hopped over the steps to try a different angle of attack and we THINK (hope hope hope) that we have adequately disposed of her and her children.

thanks to ashley for battling the arachnids with me :)
i had good intentions of taking pictures of my thirty-one party today, but didn't get around to it. so i just snapped some pictures of the items that i ordered from my previous party that i attended. i'm very excited to use my messenger bag tomorrow and i LOVE these patterns. they have some great designs and i'm keeping my "party orders" open for a week longer, so if you're interested in ordering, let me know and i'll give you the details.
so glad to hear that savannah is home and safe. her name was lifted up in prayers this weekend during her hospital stay and we are so happy that the doctors have a clear treatment planned and that this is condition that she will likely outgrow.

and i think that's about it for now. time to start another week...


  1. Ahhh, ECU! Pat and I are excited because we are headed to a football game this October! I haven't ever tailgated at a Pirate game before...oh, marching band!

    Maybe we'll run into you one time!

  2. I have had a mama spider spew babies before-NOT FUN!!!! Lot's of eeks and shrieks to say the least!

  3. Crystal9:17 AM

    Hey Lauren! It's Crystal from ECU. I found your blog through facebook and I really enjoyed looking at the pictures from ECU. You're right, the fountain looks much better, now that it's actually working. By the by, I still have that crate you painted for me our sophomore year, it adds a bit of needed color to an otherwise drab corner of my room. Anyways, I hope all is well.