Monday, August 17, 2009

nothing more soothing than painting zebra stripes

and it's true. sit for two hours and paint zebra stripes. you'll either be incredibly bored or amazingly relaxed.
and i do love these--especially the pink polka dot ribbon i chose to go with them. these are for a friend from home who is beginning her 2nd year at ECU. she saw my "marley and maddie" letters and asked if i would do these. and i happily obliged--so cute!
i'm taking requests (or orders, i guess), if anyone's interested. projects like this keep me sane! you should see the mosaic lampshade i did that got me through AP calculus.

the other little tidbit i felt like sharing--we have switched our cat litter to feline pine, an all-natural brand that is much lighter and lacks the whole "litter" smell.
i cleaned their boxes this morning and it was much easier than normal--incredibly easy to scoop out, no ammonia smell and the clumps actually stayed together as i disposed of them.

and check these facts out:
Compare Feline Pine Scoop to Traditional Cat Litters

Feline Pine Cat LitterTraditional Clay Cat Litter
What is it made from?Renewable Southern Yellow Pine
and Natural Guar.
Strip-mined clay.
How does it control odor?Ammonia is naturally neutralized by Pine.Strong fragrances attempt to mask pet odors.
Does it contain chemicals?Feline Pine Scoop is all-naturalYes! Many contain artificial fragrances and chemical additives
Is it environmentally friendly?Feline Pine Scoop is 100% renewable
and biodegradable.
No! Strip-mined clay is a non-renewable resource that won't break down in landfills.

the only downside--one of the cats hasn't taken to it yet. i'm thinking it's grace, and she's always been resistant to change. she was the one who was most stubborn when i attempted the whole "toilet training the cats" thing. but we're slowly making progress...

i had a photo for "i heart faces," but i wasn't real happy with it. so i decided to take a break for the week--and honestly, "bubbles" was a tough theme. i had a cute idea about blowing bubbles with a straw in milk, but no opportunity to create it. so unless i get a willing kid/adult between now and tomorrow evening, no entry this week. which is okay.

alright, almost time for bed. where has the evening gone?

oh right--zebra stripes :)

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  1. silas might blow bubbles in milk...but i can almost guarantee he'd play with bubbles outside! he loves bubbles and we have lots.