Wednesday, August 05, 2009

lost in translation

(conversation between me and justin as i'm wearing a light-weight blue scarf, courtesy of tar-jay and a clearance sale.)

justin: are you cold?

me: no...

justin: then why are you wearing a scarf?

me: it's an accessory. to add some color to what i'm wearing. not to keep me warm.

justin: but it's 95 degrees outside.

me: i know, but it's a style. it's not making me hot. it's just part of my outfit (i start flipping through some of the newspaper ads, hoping to find a picture to show him that this is, indeed, a style.)

justin: okay, but i don't know why you'd wear a scarf in july...

justin: i bought 90 mp3 files of bach music on amazon this morning for $2.99!

me: why would you buy 90 bach pieces?

justin: because it was $2.99. that's less than 3 cents per file!

me: but it's bach. do you like bach?

justin: i knew a few of the pieces. like the one from the looney tunes cartoon where they're in the dracula castle. (he starts humming beethoven's 5th)

me: that's beethoven, not bach.

justin: well, i knew some other ones from weddings and stuff.

me: are you talking about the tocatta in D minor? (i hum the "dracula" song)

justin: yeah! that's it. and i recognized some others from our wedding and other stuff. besides, you never know when you might need some classical music.

(it took every smart-mouthed fiber in me not to say, "hon, that's baroque." but i didn't.)

when do you get lost in translation?

may we have a moment of silence for pink loofa dog? she wins for being the longest lasting stuffed animal to survive, but got replaced by purple loofa dog the next time i went to the store.)

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