Sunday, August 30, 2009

catching up with some cuties

i'm sure you all know maddie and marley by now (of letter fame) and today, i got do a photo shoot with the girls and their buddies colin and drew. it's late and i'm sure i could add lots of cute captions, but honestly--i'm a little tired and i think some of the photos speak for themselves.

(i will add here--i love this photo, including the fact that it looks like she's ALMOST picking her nose. but not quite!)

(ahh--a good shot of drew. he was tough to please but we finally got some great smiles with one of my dollar tree playground balls. it's a good thing i work out of my car :) )
(serious look for colin. and i love it.)
(so sweet...)

alright, it's time for bed. more editing to do tomorrow, but i figure this is a good start!

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  1. absolutely beautiful pictures and very cute kids