Wednesday, August 12, 2009

curly-head meg :)

this girl loves her pictures.
which is why we HAD to do two--count 'em--two sessions to accurately show the wide range of hair styles possible. straight and curly (which any girl can tell you is not easy to do in one sitting. especially with these curls--check those out!)
so i forced myself to take pictures of this girl AGAIN. i mean, who would want to spend two evenings taking pictures of this "class of 2009" senior?
(meg, you know i'm kidding, right? seriously. you make this look so easy and effortless and you are just so gosh darn cute.)
can we share something here? meg's mom made her cut off the bracelets for the first shoot. i actually really like them. (don't hurt me, robin, but i do!) and i'm impressed that she managed to build up her collection again just over the past week. so i had to make sure they were included in this shoot. (love love love this shot. can i say it again? love.)
so, meg, thanks for kicking off my senior portrait porfolio. you've already sent another referral my way, and i have a feeling there may be many more to follow...
(a few more up on flickr, if you want to check 'em out.)


  1. The second one is my favorite. Although, intentional or not, the third one has some great Falcon pride. I can't believe she's a senior. I'm getting too old.

  2. BTW - I'm so glad that the linky thing is in the corner of your new blog layout. I've been wanting to update the design on my blog, but didn't want to just use some pre-made template. Now I know where to go. :) Thanks! It's really cute btw!

  3. thanks, katie! i have a hard time choosing favorites, but i'm happy with how they turned out. please check out the blog design stuff and let me know how you do with it :)