Wednesday, August 19, 2009

quick notes:

these two are such mortal enemies that sometimes it's funny to see them cooperate with--or really, just tolerate--one another long enough to enjoy a common love.

like looking out the window. 10 months ago, i would have never believed this could happen.

(milo's ears are flattened back because he was slightly perturbed with her. as always.)

and we've had a baby in the office this week before school/daycares officially start up. and i LOVE it. we all help out, passing her around and getting our baby fix in when we can. here i am, trying out the flat belly hold on miss marley. she wasn't so sure about it at first...
but then she thought it was pretty cool.
i'm super excited to have a photo shoot planned with her and big sister maddie in a couple of weeks!

and even more excited to be joining joshua and the rest of the white/hand clan for a beach shoot on friday--as long as bill doesn't disrupt our plans. i've only done a couple of beach shoots, but i've learned a lot since then and i also have some fun couples poses i want to try. and this is one family that will go along with whatever, so i plan to get creative with them and have a good time! can't wait to share those with y'all this weekend :)

finally, a few more of silas from yesterday, in case you didn't click through to flickr. don't these just scream "summertime" to you?such an adorable little guy!

and certainly ALL BOY! (this one made me laugh! i don't think he was doing it on purpose, but lindsey and i were snickering from our vantage point...)
alright, that's it for now. off to take a nice walk with pepper-dog :)

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  1. That Silas is probably the cutest boy I know! LOVE the one with the hose!