Tuesday, August 25, 2009


it's not often that i don't have words, but i honestly don't this time.

my friends jeremy and lindsey rushed their son, ayden, to the hospital this morning. he apparently rolled on his stomach (while he was sleeping, we think) and stopped breathing. and this morning, Jesus called ayden home.

so many of us that are close to jeremy and lindsey are stunned. speechless. not sure what do to help. we're reminded that everything will fall into place in due time, and as a loving community of Christian believers, we will help one another through whatever life holds.

please pray for this young family. pray that they find strength and peace in this incredibly devastating situation. lift them up as they return to their home, their jobs, their family and friends.

lindsey has a blog where she's been writing since her pregnancy. if you feel so inclined, leave her love. i know many of you who follow my blog have lost children, loved ones or miscarried--and understand where they are right now.

and above all, let us pray that the wisdom of our God who knows and sees immeasurably more than we can even hope to comprehend--shows us His eternal plan.


  1. I will certainly keep them in my prayers. How devastating.

  2. Lauren, I was over visiting the Williams Family Blog and she posted about Ayden. I went over and left a comment for Lindsey.
    I have a blog where I send out handkerchiefs to mother's who have lost a child. If you could provide me with her full name and address I would love to get one in the mail to her. I know it won't take away her pain but this is the desire that God has placed in my heart. dpucci9972@gmail.com
    My other blog is: http://wwwforyourtears.blogspot.com/
    I will be praying for their comfort during this difficult time.