Thursday, January 26, 2012

the clicker

it's no secret that our house is seen as a technology-friendly place. we both have smart phones, a number of laptops, digital cameras, (surprisingly) some ancient iPods, and an iPad that is in constant use. it is primarily justin's, but if davis happens to see you with it....oh boy. get ready for several rounds of "peekaboo barn" and doodle pad. 

what's been so amusing to us is to see how he picks up on other things. he recently has become the hoarder of remote controls....

(which is no easy task in our living room. there are at least four or five remote controls to chose from, with the TV, receiver, bluray player, and our "smart remote" that controls all of it.)

this does make it fun when a remote goes missing, because it certainly doesn't walk away on its own. but then he genuinely tries to make something happen...

and occasionally he's helped us find functions that we didn't even know existed on our TV. well done, davis. well done.

how does your household embrace technology?

(and sneaky preview--there will be a post next week about the newest member of our technology family!)

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