Monday, January 02, 2012

some motivation...

i've been a regular blog reader for about four or five years now (and i guess a regular blogger for about the same length of time? something like that---just had to go check--2005! 7 and i have a long blog roll that i keep up with and feel like i know these people. part voyeuristic, part narcissistic (i mean, you have to have a little bit of narcissism to write a blog about your life meant for others to read and comment and enjoy) and a lot of just fun relationships that we get to keep on the interweb :)

and so there are some amazing women that i've gotten to keep up with and a couple that have given me the motivation to tackle my new fitness goals. and i figure if their stories can inspire me--they can inspire you as well.

so here they are---amanda from kevin & amanda and jennifer from jenny.erally

the big things i notice is that obviously--small calorie portions and regular exercise. on it...

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