Saturday, January 21, 2012

a day off

last week, i had the day off for MLK jr. day and sadly, justin did not. his office is small and only takes a few vacation days per year, and with all the big projects they have going on, he decided to work. so it was a mommy/davis day, which i love and try to soak it all up when those happen. we decided to spend the afternoon at our local sonic playground--there just in time for "happy hour." davis was thrilled to have some sand to play in--he loves the sandbox at his grandma's house, and we're contemplating getting a sandbox for our yard this spring since he seems to enjoy it so much!
he has also discovered the joy of tots, which he was happy to snack on as he walked around the playground and gave me big goofy grins.
still munching....
in between snack breaks, he (with my help) climbed up the small slide and rode down with me a couple of times. if we're there with both of us, one of us can stand at the top while the other catches him at the bottom. but when it's just me, we tackle the slides together :)
then it was time for a break to stare at the clouds...
and roll around in the sand! such a boy. 
hoping to have many more sonic afternoon trips in the future :)

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  1. i love Sonic playground trips and i'm 16 so it sounds like you still have YEARS of mommy/davis dates :)