Friday, January 13, 2012

back for round 3

for the past three years around this time, we have geared up for an important celebration...

jonah's EB auction!

i know many of my readers come over from patrice's blog, but just in case you don't know jonah or his amazing parents, click on over there. patrice and i have been friends since college, and though we don't see each other nearly as often as i would like to now, i so admire her, her writing, her transparency about her daily walk in her faith, the challenges she faces caring for jonah, and her true desire to make a difference here.

i also had the blessing of being there for jonah's birth and photographing that day. and i will always feel linked to him and his birth story because of that. such an awesome experience and something i will never forget.

jonah is an amazing little guy and we have loved watching him grow up and become such an energetic, funny little boy with a huge personality. he has also allowed thousands of readers to become educated on EB (epidermolysis bullosa) and led us to support other EB children, like bella, tripp, hope, leah and zach. click on the list that patrice has compiled under "eb sweeties" to find the blogs of other kids who are living with EB and their courageous stories of what they've overcome.

jonah's eb auction raises funds for debra, an organization that was created to support eb research and provide supplies, services and care for patients with eb and their families. we have raised thousands of dollars over the past two years to donate to debra and this year will hopefully be just as successful.

you can help with that! if you are interested in donating an item for the auction, please e-mail katie (auction coordinator extraordinaire) at jonahsebauction(at) and let her know what you would like to contribute. this can be anything from a gift card, stationary, jewelry, a gift basket, a service of some sort, or even donating money to help with shipping for delivering the items.

i will be donating a photo session and probably one or two sets of custom personalized letters like i have in the past. but the options are endless! you can also limit the service or package to a certain area if you want to, so there is little or no travel required. we do have people bidding from across the nation, and it is amazing to see the results after just four days of bidding!

so please find a way to support the auction and e-mail katie to let her know how you can help. no gift or donation is too small, and it all goes to such a wonderful organization that is a lifeline for these families.

and on february 24th...get those bids ready and raise some money for debra!

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