Monday, January 23, 2012

video overload

it's been a while since i linked to any of our videos on here. so here are some sweet ones of davis in his element...playing, squealing, loving on his family.

he loved this silly time in his tent the other morning--so adorable to watch him "roll" around the room in it!

this one is from our visit to my grandparents and the new car track he got. we all got a laugh as we watched him try to catch the cars as they went around him!

here's another one from our visit, playing with my grandfather and showing off some of his new tricks!

and finally, a very common scene around our house in the evening. davis and pepper manage to wind each other up and wear each other out...justin said last night it will be interesting to see what happens once he gets stronger than her. but until then, he still has the ability to flop over and get pulled around just for fun :)

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