Tuesday, January 03, 2012

this year's ornament

now that Christmas has come and gone, i can share the ornaments that we did for family members this year. last year, it was a variety of hand prints and foot prints on ceramic ornaments from the accidental artist. i had fun painting feet into Christmas trees, snowmen and tar heels and doing festive green and red hand prints.
this year, we went a much simpler route. a 10 lb bucket of white air dry clay from amazon and one quick afternoon of rolling out clay, using a drinking glass to cut out circles and then having davis cooperate long enough to press his hand into the clay 8 or 9 times (he actually loved it!) i cleaned them up as much as i could, smoothing out lines and deepening his hand print where i needed to, then used a straw to cut the holes. they dried in about 2 or 3 days and i used a paint pen to write his name and added the ribbon.

with a busy toddler around, it was a success! and i love comparing the size of his hand print from year to year. i see a tradition coming on... just need a new design for next year. hey lindsay, ready to share your ornaments yet? ;)

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