Friday, January 27, 2012

nose in a book

oh, the stories i could tell about my love for reading. i was one of those children that always had a book with her. i would check out 20-30 books at time from the library, working through my favorite series one installment after another. on long car trips, i would spend hours reading away, pulling out the flashlight when it was too dark and laying down on the back seat to stretch out. i could even read while walking along behind my mom at the grocery store, keeping my eyes just above the top of the book so i could see her back and watch where i was going.

so it warms my heart and excites me to see my son showing a love for reading at an early age :)
i know that books may completely change as he grows up. less paper and printing, more of the nifty iPad books that he already enjoys :)
but i do hope that some stick around...
cause there's just nothing cuter
than a little nose in a book.

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