Thursday, January 19, 2012

dress up and clean up

justin and i got a couple of hours to ourselves over the weekend, and we enjoyed a nice (non-kid) lunch out and ran some errands. we stopped by the local consignment store, "once upon a child," and picked up a few more good pieces that should carry davis through the rest of the winter into the spring. he's getting too big for some 12 month clothing but isn't in 18 month for everything (and can occasionally still wear a couple of pairs of 9 month pants--go figure.) so i got everything washed and had him all dressed up for church on sunday....

and he gave me the obligatory wide-mouthed grin!
(this one gives you a good idea of how many teeth he's got coming in--check out those molars! those bicuspids!)

after we got back from church and he had a nice nap, we got creative with playing inside and created a fort out of sheets and chairs and tv trays...

he had a blast!

we love getting to play with him and see him enjoy something new like this--so much fun for all of us!

one last picture i thought i'd throw in there--with all the teething, he's been iffy on his eating for us. so one night this weekend, he got an early bath and i decided to see if he'd eat while occupied in the tub. he often gets bored in his high chair and doesn't end up eating as much because he's ready to get down. but he was happy to finish his dinner the tub this night!
hope everyone's week is going well--ours has been super busy, but we are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. what are your plans for the weekend?

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