Friday, December 18, 2009

another laugh for friday

more linkage today--found a site called "mom's msgs." with more and more parents and (in some cases) grandparents joining the social networking revolution, there are always some amusing entrances into the texting/facebooking/twittering world. this website has allowed them to be shared with anonymous names for the interweb to enjoy :)

this is also a friendly reminder that if your mom can't read it, you shouldn't post it. good life lesson to live by.

so i was reading a few of these this morning and again, got some good laughs. not only because of some of the internet naivete, but the quick witted responses by many of the parents.

a few of my favorites....

Georgette’s Mom: Your dad is buying me a new phone for XMas. One of the ones with a type writer on it

Hannah: Mom, I sent you a link in your email

Hannah’s Mom: A link? What is a link? Do you mean a sausage link?

Chad’s Mom: Not even a homeless person would wear those smelly sneakers of yours.
Chad: They are not that bad.
Chad’s Mom: They are terrible and if you don’t get rid of them you’ll be homeless, thus proving me wrong.

Kevin: You in on vocals for Rock Band?

Kevin’s Dad: D & El are in for the show tonight.

Kevin: Since when is Mom’s name “El”?

Kevin’s Dad: Since the band formed…

Craig’s Mom: Woohoo! Maybe now you’ll quit smoking if the ban goes through.
Craig: Don’t hold your breath.
Craig’s Mom: I’d still be able to hold it longer than you. ;)

Christian’s Mom: Abracadabra! For my next trick, I will make my son shave his face!! Ta da!

Christian: ?

Christian’s Mom: Either shave that goatee or I’m posting a facebook album of you from age 12-14 and tagging your friends in the pictures. Yes, the fat years.

Noel’s Mom: A broken speedometer is not an excuse for getting a ticket.
Noel: I couldn’t tell how fast I was going, so that is a good excuse.
Noel’s Mom: You were doing 65 in a 25. It’s called common sense.

CC’s Mom: I am typing this to you from the guy next to me’s computer because he left it alone when he went to the bathroom and I want to show him how quickly someone could leap onto it and mess with it OR STEAL IT

Dria’s Dad: Answer the phone on speakerphone. I’m going to tell the story of when you peed your pants. This is the Italian dad way of making sure you’re alone in the room. No boy sleepovers.

Glenn’s Dad: Can you hear me now?
Glenn: That doesn’t work over texting.
Glenn’s Dad: Goooood.
Glenn: Plus it’s not funny anymore.

again, i have to issue a disclaimer. why can't there by completely clean funny websites out there to enjoy? so use your "adult content" filter--not so much bad words as questionable topics.

and i will admit... many of these make me think of my brother. anything sounding familiar, alan?

i've had my mom on facebook for about a year now, and i always share about how aol instant messenger made it possible for her to keep up with me during college without having to call and check on me every night. my dad and stepmom are on there as well, as are most of my aunts and uncles. there are lots of benefits to having your family stay up to date with technology, and now i'm facebook friends with some of my grandmother's friends and relatives. (hi, june!)

anyone else have fun "family on the web" stories that would make it on mom's msgs?