Thursday, December 17, 2009

a literal laugh-out-loud post to share

lindsey over at surburban turmoil has hit the jackpot of amusing santa pictures.

(i issue a disclaimer here--some of the captions are "adult"--but most are incredibly witty. the funny ones outweighed and outnumbered the "adult" ones. end disclaimer.)

and that's about it. she links to the past three years' versions, too, up at the top.

i apparently did not like visiting santa when i was toddler. i didn't like any costumed characters, actually. i still have a visible mark from one halloween where i had the cat all in a tizzy from screaming and crying all night long, and she bit me when i tried to kiss her goodnight. true story.

so i can just imagine what photo my mom could add to that collection...

do you have your own fun santa photos/stories to share?