Friday, December 11, 2009

tortas de aceite

we were walking through the fresh market tonight, checking out their coffee samples and special treats. justin was picking out a new box of tea, and once he had made his choice, we headed back up to the front.

until i saw these...
the package looked familiar and i had to stop to figure out where i had seen it last.

and then it hit me. spain. madrid. andalucia. cafe con leche y tortas de aceite. vino tinto de verano y tapas--sitting at a cafe beside a busy street as the sun set over the city. catching the metro down to gran via. riding a train to cadiz for the weekend and exploring the seaside town with a dozen other 20-somethings. getting a snack at the pasteleria between classes and finding somewhere--anywhere--that would sell coke "light" with ice.

(oh how i wish i had a DSLR back then...for now, i'll settle for a postcard scanned in.)that package took me back to seven years ago. a time where i spent summers working camps in the mountains and studying abroad. where we made krispy kreme runs at midnight and looked forward to taco tuesday at todd dining hall. when i spent hours on the practice field during the fall and led tours through out the campus in the spring. when it was just me and my friends and school...

and then my husband said it was time to go--and we checked out with our tea and went home to our house and our pets and our busy lives.

where did time go?