Monday, December 07, 2009

i heart faces: sweet dreams

this week's theme at i heart faces is "sweet dreams." as much as i wish i could use that photo of pepper and justin in bed, it won for the pets category and can't be reused. so i went back in my photo library and thought i would share a story that is close to my heart.

this is jonah.
jonah is the son of my dear friends, matt and patrice. i was able to capture jonah's birth (and as someone who hasn't had kids or experienced a birth before--can we say wow?) and then have continued to follow them on their journey as they learned jonah was diagnosed with epidermylosis bullosa.

this picture was taken when he fell asleep following one of his daily dressing changes--each limb and his stomach and shoulders stay wrapped with several layers of bandages and gauze to prevent blistering and protect his skin. you can read about patrice's adventures with jonah and taking care of him at their blog. there, you can also buy one of their magnets (another "we heart" thing!):
which contributes to, an organization dedicated to research for EB.

i love being able to tell jonah's story, and i always love being able to photograph him. he will never have perfect skin and he will face many challenges in his life. but the only downside to sharing a sleeping picture of him is that you can't see his eyes. jonah's amazing blue eyes show you he has hope. his smile shows complete joy and adoration for his parents. and i can't wait to take many many more photographs of jonah as he continues to grow and live out the amazing life God has planned for him.

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