Sunday, December 20, 2009

first wedding of 2009

justin and i had the pleasure of attending our first wedding of the year this past weekend. this fact is kind of unbelievable, considering we had about 10 weddings last year that we either attended, photographed or were in the bridal party. so for our first wedding to be in december? amazing.

my dear friend elizabeth was getting married and i was so excited that we could attend. it was a small wedding with only a few guests and family. i've known elizabeth since we were in middle school and could fill a book with the conversations and stories that we've shared. in trying to find a particular note tonight, i started going through the collection that i have from my friends in high school. though i couldn't find the particular one i wanted, i had the best time looking at some of the letters and cards that we wrote back and forth.

elizabeth is a professional musician, teaching violin lessons in manhattan and performing with the vermont symphony orchestra. her husband, jeremy, is a percussionist (specifically timpani) and their wedding was also a beautiful concert performed by their friends and family. a prelude involving all of the bridal party was the perfect way to start the ceremony. and then--oh, then--elizabeth walked down the aisle to "jupiter" from holst's planets.

the note i was looking for was one where elizabeth had done the notation for jupiter in probably 10th or 11th grade. i actually think it's back in fayetteville somewhere around the piano, but when i saw that she was processing the jupiter, it took me back to those years where we'd sit around the piano and sing and find our favorite music pieces. and jupiter was one of those that she'd always talked about using for her weddng procession. so to see it--or rather, hear it--was just one of those "wow, we used to talk about this" moments.

a sweet picture of this big kiss...

and then it was off to the reception at the hilltop house. their wedding cake was a delicious red velvet...
and at each place setting was an ornament and a pair of coasters (we peeked.)
i was seated beside megan, one of my best friends from middle school and high school. we share the same birthday and it had been quite some time since i last saw her. i couldn't wait to catch up with her and meet her fiance, jason. (they're getting married in may!)

megan, elizabeth and i share many memories together from highschool, and most likely the last time i was at this restaurant (and even in that exact same room) was the dinner before junior prom where--get this--the three of us and our dates ate dinner. seriously.

so here we are all together again (and i'll be nice and not post the one from junior prom only because the one i want is back in fayetteville on my bookshelf. maybe next weekend?)
we spent the rest of the night enjoying dinner, listening to some fabulous toasts and dancing with elizabeth and jeremy's bridal party.
what a wonderful evening to spend with life-long friends. so happy for elizabeth and jeremy, so excited for megan and jason, and so blessed to have my wonderful husband.

additionally, we saw avatar on friday night and i'll let my husband share his thoughts on the movie. i will say, from the girl's perspective, yes, it was long, but the 3D and CGI effects were worth it. so brilliantly beautiful, with amazing colors and creations and awesome scenery. the behind the scenes video that justin shares here was really what convinced me to fork out the money to join him on friday night. go see it!

more about the rest of my weekend tomorrow....