Tuesday, December 15, 2009

last edit before the holidays

i write that post title with a great sigh of relief and a bit of disappointment. i love taking photos, but i do need a break and definitely some time off to rest up for 2010. six weddings already on the books, a ton of interest in family and senior photos in the next few months. let's just say that i will fully enjoy the next couple of weeks!

i can't say enough about how much i enjoy photographing the avery family. they have a long track record of challenging photo conditions--always raining, a storm coming up behind us, and this day--just plain old cold. but they were troopers and worked with me through it, even when i had some equipment failure (note to self: don't decide to try new equipment on a photo shoot with clients at the last minute. test it out first. and be thankful for husbands who will drive across town with original equipment that you actually know how to use.) as much as the equipment failure put me in a funk (darn type-a everything-must-go-right personality) we still got some awesome photos to use for their Christmas cards.

amanda came to me with a specific idea a few months ago--black and white with downtown urban scenery and decorations. well, i was up for the challenge. so we tried several different places around downtown and got some really fun photos that should fit the bill :)

(just one in color, before we start the black and white. i loved the lighting we got here and the gorgeous blue of the night sky.)
now in black and white!
(okay, i'll admit it. i added the lens flare. but that corner needed a little pop of something, and i think the flare just does it.)
i think this is the cutest pose ever. however, try getting a 2 year old to stand still for it.

we really didn't switch up the poses too much... i think the combination of it being cold and trying to get the lighting and shutter speed right had us stick to pretty simple poses. maybe next time...
and then a couple just with chris and amanda. again, love this window. it's just perfect for capturing the downtown scene without being right in the middle of it.

thanks, again, chris and amanda for being so understanding! can't wait to do a spring shoot in a couple of months :)