Monday, December 28, 2009

wanted to share...

at our youth group parties before the holidays, we took group pictures of all the kids both evenings. then we had the fun task of making it look like everyone was at the same party--middle schoolers and high schoolers. after a quick photoshop lesson with justin (he has more experience in cutting and combining images than i do) and another fun evening on picnik to cover up the spots where we merged the photos, we ended up with this...

(you should be able to click on it to enlarge it. i think.)

and i've missed these guys over the past week. on sunday, it was so good to see everyone. i loved seeing my family during these breaks, but i missed my church family. and "my kids." after seeing them several times a week since september, i had a bit of withdrawal :)

(that doesn't mean you should start texting me multiple times a day.

yes, you.

you know who you are...)