Thursday, December 17, 2009

a little bit of light in the darkness

so i'm sure many of you have already heard about lindsey and jeremy's recent break-in and their attempt at recovering some of the items stolen. granted, the wii and xbox and jewelry can all be replaced. (my gaming husband said, "well, the xbox live ID will be the first give-away if they try to use that." thanks, hon.) but the video camera and the video of ayden coming home--irreplaceable. no value can be put on those memories that were captured. and thankfully, one of our local news stations has stepped in to help find the video tape.

lindsey did an interview yesterday (and i think she did an amazing job) and you can find the story and video here--click on the little video camera above the main story to view the video. i record the news every morning and watch it as i'm getting ready, and it was awesome to see lindsey share their story and their plea with the surrounding area.

but what has really touched me has been the comments on the story itself.

"I'll put in $500.00 to start a reward to get this camcorder back. No questions asked ... "

"lets do it like this i don't buy stolen goods but i'll buy this camcorder from you with the tape we could meet at wal mart e mail me at (edited for privacy) with a time to meet thank you in advance"

"come on thieves this would be a happy christmas for this couple give them the tape back no one cares about the other stuff that can be replaced that tape can never be replaced at no time. put in there mail box or something thats all anyone ask you already where thay stay."

"Even thieves have hearts and if they knew what this couple has been through this year I'm sure they would rethink their recent home of choice for the break in if they could. These people may watch the news to see if they are being reported on for the break ins, I'm sure they would be surprised to see the bigger story behind their act. If not, hopefully the grapevine of someone who knows someone who knows someone will see the story and spread the word. Also if a pawn shop owner runs across a video camera hopefully they will have seen this story and be smart enough to check the tape in the camera. I will contribute to the reward fund if there is one being set up. I agree with no questions asked, just give the video back. "

"My heart goes out to Lindsey and her husband. I pray that in this season of miracle, a miracle turns the thief's heart and he/she can give a gift by returning the video camera.

and now there is a $1,000 reward being offered for the return of the tape through our local crimestoppers.

when it's so easy to give up on the world, to give up on compassion, to feel let down by the actions of others--it's reassuring to see a kind word, a self-less act, a plea on behalf of a complete stranger and a community joining together to support a couple who has been through so much.

praying for miracle...