Tuesday, December 29, 2009

more "fun with the christmas tree" photography

i told you i had some more to try...
(note to self--you really must clean your sensor. there is definitely not a large spot above the mantle in real life. c'mon on now...)

those gorgeous starbursts that i wanted to capture--finally got 'em!
swirls--my "go to" doodling shape. love love love 'em.
the happiest place on earth.
our most recent anniversary trip, along with some pirate pride. ARRRRRGH!
the only snow we'll see in eastern NC this year... but so pretty.
my favorite one from tonight. shared this with the pioneer woman's photography assignment group on flickr --maybe i'll get featured!
and this one, too. had a tougher time with the lighting on this one. not quite sure why.
i'm not sure when we're taking down the tree...maybe this weekend? i'm still having fun with the lights!

and while we're on the photography subject, i was interested in starting a 365 photo project for 2010. there's an easy way to do it at this website but flickr is also always an option. i just like the idea of purposefully taking a picture every day and having 365 of them at the end of the year to represent the whole year--and maybe turning that into a book or something. anyone else want to get in on it? i wouldn't share those photos all the time on the blog, but i think it could definitely be fun. just an idea...

(edited--i'm getting interest in the 365 project, so i went ahead a set up an account at their website. if you'd like to join in, they have a really nice, neat interface that combines some of the better networking tools of facebook and twitter. you can follow other users of the website, and their new stuff shows up in your feed when you log in. you can find me here on their website!)